According to a recent survey carried out by Orthodontics Australia, 62% of the nation’s people are considering orthodontic treatment. Thankfully there are a number of teeth straightening options available for those that want to take the plunge. 

In this post, we’ll talk about your options for teeth straightening and what you can expect. So let’s dive in and make a start. 


Fixed metal braces

These are your quintessential orthodontic braces, or rather the ones that everyone remembers from their childhood. Fixed to the teeth for the duration of treatment, modern versions are designed to feel comfortable in the mouth. Some kids love them because the bands that accompany the bracket and wire style braces can be brightly coloured for a full-on effect. Alternatively, clear bands can also make this fixed appliance less conspicuous.

Fixed metal braces are designed to treat pretty much all bite alignment problems from mild to moderate and severe and even to this day remain a popular teeth straightening option. 


Ceramic braces

Similar to fixed metal braces, the main difference is that ceramic brackets and tooth-coloured wiring are used in place of stainless steel. This makes them immediately more discreet. Again, they can help with a wide variety of dental issues but because of the materials used, this type of fixed orthodontic braces are more expensive than their all-metal counterparts. Also ceramic braces aren’t typically as robust as stainless steel braces and they can also stain easily so care needs to be taken with stain-inducing foods.

Lingual braces

The last type of fixed orthodontic braces are known as lingual braces. Designed to fit behind the teeth rather than attached at the front, they are the most inconspicuous orthodontic treatment available. In fact, some would say – invisible!

They can, however, take a bit of getting used to and because not every dentist can fit them, they remain one the most expensive forms of orthodontic treatment available.

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Clear aligners

Clear aligners like Invisalign are far removed from fixed bracket and wire style appliances in that they are neither permanently fixed to the mouth nor do they contain any form of brackets or wire. More importantly, rather than one solitary appliance, clear aligners consist of anywhere between 12 and 48 appliances that work sequentially to straighten teeth. Custom-made from BPA-free clear plastic they are worn over the teeth like a discreet gum shield for around 22 hours a day. Ideal for both cosmetic changes and mild to moderate bite issues, aligners like Invisalign, are an incredibly popular option for both adults and teens and provide a subtle alternative to fixed braces. 


Dental Veneers

Okay, so dental veneers don’t physically straighten teeth but as teeth straightening options go, they can provide a good solution. Designed to disguise the front of the existing tooth with an exquisite laminate, veneers offer an ideal solution for those with slight cosmetic imperfections like a diastema (a mild gap in between two teeth) or a tooth that appears slightly crooked. While they aren’t a solution for those with a problematic bite or misalignment, dental veneers do provide the perfect option for those looking for an instant cosmetic fix.


So there you have it… common options for teeth straightening explained.

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