Family Dentist in Kellyville

From our dental family to yours, we would like to warmly welcome you to Kellyville Family Dental

Free Ortho Consultation
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Free Ortho Consultation

Family Dentist in Kellyville

From our dental family to yours, we would like to warmly welcome you to Kellyville Family Dental

Comprehensive Dentistry in Kellyville Ridge

As a family dentist in Kellyville, we provide everything you and your loved ones need to maintain, restore, and rejuvenate your smile. Our brand of dentistry is based around patient-centred care where we listen and understand your needs to deliver personalised dental treatments and services that take into account your overall wellbeing. In other words…we go ‘beyond the tooth.’

If you are looking for a dentist in Kellyville Ridge that you can partner with and trust – one who fosters open and collaborative communication or empowers you to participate in decisions that affect your oral care, then come and talk to us at Kellyville Family Dental today.

Adult Check Up & Clean Offer

(over 18 years of age)

Gap Free with Health Fund

Check-up, Scale and Clean, X-ray and Fluoride Treatment

Otherwise adults

$199* for new patients
$169* for any subsequent check-up and cleans

Children Check Up & Clean Offer

GAP Free with Health Fund

Check-up, Scale and Clean, X-ray and Fluoride Treatment


– $99 for children under 12 years of age

– $139 for children over 12 and under 18 years of age

Our Dental Services in Kellyville Ridge

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We provide a wide range of dental treatments and services designed to help our Kellyville Ridge patients lower the risk of gum disease, tooth decay, or more serious dental problems. These include dental check-ups, cleaning, X-rays, sealant and fluoride treatments and patient education.

Kellyville Ridge dentist Kellyville


Our dentist in Kellyville uses the latest materials and techniques to restore damaged, decayed or missing teeth and bring back your natural smile. They include the latest white fillings, dental crowns, bridges, and dental implants.

Kellyville Ridge dentist Kellyville


As a full-service dentist, Kellyville patients can also benefit from the latest cosmetic dental treatments including chair-side and take-home teeth whitening and porcelain dental veneers designed to restore or rejuvenate a smile.

Kellyville Ridge dentist Kellyville


Beautiful and confident smiles start with a visit to our Kellyville Ridge dentist. We provide everything your child needs to maintain their oral health including first dental check-ups, fluoride treatments, dental sealants, hygiene cleaning and more.

Kellyville Ridge dentist Kellyville


Looking to straighten your smile? Our dentist in Kellyville Ridge can help with a range of orthodontic treatments including airway-centred orthodontics for kids, braces for teens, and discreet clear aligners for adults.
Kellyville Ridge dentist Kellyville

Dr Suganthy Baheerathan

Principal Dentist

Dr Suganthy Baheerathan, a 1997 dental graduate from the University of Melbourne. Above all, has over 20 years of experience in general dentistry. She has undertaken post-graduate training in Cosmetic Dentistry, Early Intervention Orthodontics, Invisalign, Implants, and Endodontics. Dr. Suganthy commits to ongoing professional development to apply the latest dental techniques to the treatment of her patients.

Family dentist Kellyville Ridge – Why Choose Us?

Personalised Dental Care

We take the time to…

  • Get to know you
  • Listen and understand your needs
  • Create a tailored dental care plan and
  • Involve you in your treatment

Convenient Dentistry

We make dental care convenient by offering…

  • Comprehensive dental treatments under one roof
  • A centrally located practice within easy reach of transport links and
  • On-site underground parking and road side parking

Modern Dentistry

We practice modern dentistry by…

  • Keeping abreast of the latest techniques
  • Utilising cutting-edge dental equipment
  • Maintaining the use of quality materials


We make dentistry in Kellyville Ridge affordable by…

  • Offering treatments to suit a budget
  • Being open and upfront about pricing
  • Providing interest-free payment plans
If you are looking for an experienced and trusting, family-centred dentist in Kellyville, one who takes the time to understand your needs in order to provide a personalised level of care, talk to the team at Kellyville Family Dental.

Call us on 02 8894 1007 or book an appointment online.

Frequently Asked Questions

You say that you’re a full-service or comprehensive dentist in Kellyville, what does that mean?
It means that we offer a complete range of preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dental treatments and services. So whether you’re looking for a trusted children’s dentist who can assist with your child’s first dental check-up, an emergency dentist who can deal with a niggling tooth problem, or a cosmetic dentist who can rejuvenate your smile, our experienced team of Kellyville dentists can help. To find out more about the services we offer, check out our services and treatments pages above.
How many dentists do you have working at your Kellyville Family Dental practice?
We have 2 highly experienced dentists working at our Kellyville Ridge dental clinic who between them have over 30 years’ of combined experience. We also have another highly experienced dental surgeon who visits regularly to perform complex tooth extractions or dental implant placements where necessary. Ultimately, patients visiting our Kellyville dental practice can rest assured that they are in highly skilled and capable hands.
You mention that you utilise some of the latest technology, what is that and how can it help Kellyville dental patients?
As a forward-thinking dentist, Kellyville patients should know that we’ve invested in some of the latest technology designed to make a visit to the dentist better. For example, our Cerec Omnicam scanner is designed to take the hassle, mess, and discomfort out of impression taking, using the latest intraoral scanning technology.

Now, instead of having to endure a mouth full of dental alginate, patients can benefit from a small handheld digital scanning device which is passed quickly over the teeth to deliver an accurate impression every time.

Alternatively, our Kellyville Ridge dental patients can also benefit from the latest low-dose panoramic x-ray technology. Designed to give 360-degree panoramic coverage of the facial bones and teeth, our OPG x-ray equipment makes it easy for our team to highlight problems early. Ultimately, treating problems early saves patients time, money, and a great deal of inconvenience later on in life.

Finally, our Lat-Ceph X-ray equipment is ideal for pinpointing problems like tiny fractures in the upper or lower jaw area and is an ideal way to detect injuries in those that have recently experienced a facial blow or sporting injury.

Does your Kellyville dentist operate emergency hours?
Yes. We do set aside time each day to deal with emergency cases and where possible, we’ll aim to treat a patient that same day. In addition, however, if a patient experiences a dental emergency outside of normal working hours, then one of our dentists will always be on call to advise and guide you.

Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.