tooth fillings Kellyville Ridge

Tooth Fillings Kellyville Ridge Patients Prefer

Nobody likes the thought of an unsightly dental filling spoiling their beautiful smile. Fortunately, we provide top quality, natural-looking mercury-free tooth fillings at our Kellyville Ridge dental clinic that blend in flawlessly with your smile. Our Sydney dentists select a shade of composite resin that is a close match to the surrounding teeth. Why not book an appointment with the caring team at Kellyville Family Dental today.

Versatile Dental Fillings in Kellyville Ridge

Our experienced dentists provide aesthetically-pleasing composite fillings to fill tooth cavities as well as to replace old-style metal amalgam fillings. The composite is also used for ‘invisible’ repairs to broken or cracked teeth and to close small gaps between the teeth.

Tooth Fillings in Kellyville Ridge – The Procedure

The first step is to isolate the tooth being filled to prevent moisture from coming into contact with the composite material.

Our Kellyville Ridge dentist then removes any decay or amalgam and shapes the cavity.

Next, the composite resin is placed into the cavity, a layer at a time. Each layer is hardened with a special blue light.

Once the cavity is filled, it’s shaped to fit the bite and polished to give it a lustrous sheen that closely resembles a natural tooth.

dental fillings Kellyville Ridge  tooth fillings Kellyville Ridge

Need Tooth Fillings in Kellyville Ridge?

If you require tooth fillings in Kellyville Ridge why not make an appointment with our compassionate friendly dentists. You can call on 02 8894 1007 or book online. Our dental fillings blend in perfectly with your teeth leaving you with a flawless smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do composite dental fillings from your Kellyville Ridge practice last?
They have the potential to last for up to 12 years but just like a natural tooth, they’re susceptible to staining from habits such as drinking coffee and red wine or smoking. This is why it’s important to practice good oral hygiene and visit our dentist for a 6 monthly check-up and professional clean.
Is an anaesthetic provided with composite fillings?
Yes, we numb the mouth with a local anaesthetic and can also offer our Kellyville Ridge dental patients sedation to help them relax.
How long does it take to complete tooth fillings here in Kellyville Ridge?
This depends on the size of the cavity because the larger the cavity, the longer it takes to prepare and fill with the composite resin. However, at most, your appointment should last no longer than an hour.
What are the advantages of a composite filling?
Composite tooth fillings are provided at our Kellyville Ridge dental clinic because they have a number of benefits for our patients. These include:

  • Colour matching of the tooth for a natural-looking restoration
  • Strong and flexible properties of composite resin
  • White fillings that are less likely to suffer damage
  • A fully restored tooth that can be used immediately after the effects of any anaesthetic have worn off