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General Check-Up and Clean in Kellyville Ridge

Your smile is what people remember most about you, so why not make it a good first impression. By combining a general check-up and clean at our Kellyville Ridge family dental clinic with good oral care at home, we can work together to maintain your smile for now and the foreseeable future. If you’re due a dental check-up why not contact our friendly caring Kellyville Ridge dentist today to schedule an appointment.

General Check-Up and Clean – Why It’s So Important

A general check-up and clean enables our Kellyville Ridge dentists to keep track of your oral health and, if any problems are observed, to treat them in their early stages before they escalate into a condition that’s more serious and more costly.

What’s Involved in a General Check-up and Clean?

Kellyville Ridge patients will be asked about their dental history before undergoing an oral examination. Our dentists will check for any signs of tooth decay, gum disease, abnormalities, or oral cancer. The findings will be discussed with you and, where necessary, a personalised treatment plan will be drawn up.

Next, any hardened plaque is removed from between the teeth and along the gum line using the latest tools and techniques for minimum discomfort. Finally, the teeth are cleaned to remove any surface stains for a whiter, brighter smile.

dental check-up Kellyville Ridge general check-up and clean Kellyville Ridge

Book your General Check-Up and Clean

If you’re overdue for your general check-up and clean in Kellyville Ridge, why not contact our friendly team at Kellyville Family Dental to schedule an appointment. It’s never too late to get your oral health back on track.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are X-rays taken during a dental check-up at your Kellyville Ridge practice?
Yes, it’s general practice for us to take an x-ray – particularly on a first visit, that will highlight areas where tooth decay or dental issues are present. Depending on your oral condition, and whether we already have an existing x-ray on file, we may take another x-ray of your mouth. This enables our dentists to get a better view of your teeth and jaw alignment and allows us to monitor your oral health from one check-up to the next.
How long does a general check-up and clean take at your Kellyville Ridge clinic?
Depending on what treatment needs to be carried out, a check-up and clean can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. For instance, if your teeth are in good shape and there are no dental concerns your appointment will be relatively quick.
Do you need to know my medical history?
If it’s your first time of visiting our Kellyville Ridge dental practice, then we do need to know your medical history. Knowledge of your medical history helps the dentist to diagnose and recommend specific treatments for your condition.

We also need to be aware of any medications you are currently taking as some medicines can cause dry mouth, which in turn may cause cavities to form.